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Tunnel Rats V Taliban F&B

Tunnel Rats Vs The Taliban is the fourth book in what Sandy and I call our Tunnel Rats series. Our first collaboratioNNFHn was back in 1996 when I ghost-wrote Sandy’s first-person memoir No Need for Heroes which covered most of his amazing life, including, of course, his exploits with 3 Field Troop in Vietnam and their discovery of tTR1he tunnels of Cu Chi.

In 2011 we revisited the Tunnel Rats story in isolation, told in the third-person and with additional material for other interviews. Tunnel Rats was published by Allen & Unwin.

In 2012, we looked at the exploits of all the sappers throughout the Vietnam War in A Sappers War, also published by Allen & Unwin.
And we brought the whole sapper story right up to date with Tunnel Rats Vs The Taliban, (A&U again) which is out now.

Both Tunnel Rats and …Vs The Taliban are available as audio books or for download via audible.

All four titles are available on Kindle  via Amazon (and other formats elsewhere) .

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